Review: Green Day

Green Day
“1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours”

Green Day was first introduced to me by Phil back in junior high. He showed me a camcorder VHS tape that included the band performing at his cousin’s high school in probably, oh, 1990, and then he played the vinyl EP off of Lookout! that he bought at the local Taaang! record store when it was located in Pacific Beach. I later purchased this album (the original release) and consequently every Green Day album after that (yes, even “Warning”).

So here we are, 2004, fourteen (!!!) years after this album’s original release, and what do we have? All the tracks are “re-mastered”, which I guess means ‘made to sound better’, the CD insert seems bigger and has a few more drawings and comments (I don’t remember; mine is lost) AND it’s an enhanced CD. What does enhanced mean? That means someone over at the luxurious Lookout! mansion is fucking smart and filled up the remainder of the CD with a few videoclips, scans of fliers, some candid photos and four live tracks from a radio broadcast. This is probably the best part of the CD, and it fucking astonishes me that in today’s rocky music industry other labels haven’t caught on to this (and if they do, they include a second CD and/or DVD, which is cool but a bit extravagant and probably helps them keep their prices high).

You see, CD’s have a set amount of space available. This album probably took up, oh, 3/5th’s of room on the CD. That means there was 2/5th’s of space available, which they could have left as is, or filled with cool Green Day-related stuff. The duplication factory doesn’t give a shit if you give them a full CD master or an empty one; it’s not like they charge more if it’s full, so why NOT throw in every little mp3, photo or whatever of a band you have laying around? Good job, Lookout!, and good job Green Day; this album is just another reminder of just how good they were. Err, are.