Review: Älgarnas Trädgärd (Garden of the Elks)

Älgarnas Trädgärd (Garden of the Elks)
(Silence Records)

27 years after its creation, this is the debut to the world of the second album from the Scandinavian progressive rock ensemble know in English as Garden of the Elks. “Delayed” shows a heavier, angrier if not at last menacing, side to the group. Perhaps this sublimated violence is a musical portrait of the tensions that that caused the original group to split after these 1973-4 recordings. The tapes remained unmixed until the stars were aligned to make possible this 2001 release. Because of the state of the music this is previously unheard even in a bootleg format. This is the same lineup that gave the world the cloud-like extended improvisations of Framtiden är ett svävande skepp, förankrat i forntiden (The future is a hovering ship anchored in the past). The psychedelic jams vary from the 12-minute extraterrestrial odyssey “Interstellar Cruise” to the Indian freakout “Almond Raga.”