Review: Ektomorph

(Nuclear Blast)

Hungarian thrash metal.  The singer/guitarist (Zoltan) and bassplayer (Csaba) are the brothers Farkas.  How fucking cool is that, to have the name Zoltan?  That’s a level 27 Illusionist name if I ever heard one.  But while many of their European peers gravitate toward the more powerful and dramatic spectrums of metal, Ektomorph hone in on their thrash and, dare I say, nu-metalish attack (think the rougher elements of Fear Factory without the keyboards).  Barking vocals and stuttering rhythms play through the bulk of this assault.  There is a slight gypsy-fied vibe to the intro that also finds its way into some of the solos (and the ending vocal stumblings of “Gypsy”).  This reflects the European roots of the Farkas brothers most evidently and gives a dash of uniqueness to what is otherwise decent metal with a thrash attack.  The consistent display of dynamics, speed and aggression throughout the whole album makes this a worthy listen.  Hungarian metal.  Who knew?