Review: Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus
“Stop at Nothing”

The album rips in with blasting drums, a blazing fast riff liberally peppered with little pig squealing false harmonics, and then all hell breaks loose on this vicious, industrial-tinged, full-blown death metal assault.

Lyrically the band is right-wing.  Being ill-informed is no excuse, but what the hell, they’re death metal guys and death metal guys have never been known for their acumen and erudition.  At first I thought the lyrics were about the U.S. attacking Iraq, “Provocation undeclared, like cowards they advance, attacking the unarmed.  Campaign of dishonor, calculated violence inflicted on civilians.”  But a few lines later I realized the song was about our justified revenge on those who attacked the United States in 2001.  The lyricist then writes, “idiot protests, from luxury of safety, ignorant of facts, preaching dull inaction.”  I’m not fully certain what “luxury of safety” means or why the lyrics dictate, “united in grief, we accept your invitation to erase you all.”  Sounds to me like some jackass, preaching from his own luxury of safety, is promoting genocide.  That’s it! No more review for these genocidal pig-fuckers!

Avoid this hateful group like you’d avoid a one-pound sack stuffed with three pounds of shit.  Grief does not justify genocide.  Or maybe they’re being hyperbolic?  Maybe the lyrics are meant to be cathartic, a way for the lyricist to work out his aggression, his hate, his grief and confusion.  It might be, and if that’s the case I apologize for calling him “ignorant”, “jack-ass” and a “genocidal pig-fucker.”  I was out of line, but only if it was self-therapeutic catharsis that lead to the penning of such vile words.