Review: Czolgosz

(Rodent Popsicle)

Americans fucking suck and Czolgosz proves this on almost every one of their songs.  Americans are selfish and will do whatever it takes to make more money and feed their greed.  Most of the world suffers while Americans keep on increasing their standard of living.  It’’s not enough that we have clean drinking water, heaters, air conditioners, brand new houses, but we need SUV’s and new clothes every weekend at the biggest sale of the year.  Ask yourself who made those fucking clothes or did the cheap labor so you can have a huge salary and buy an SUV.  Saipan is a US commonwealth taken from Japan back in 1945 and this Northern Marina Island has about 50,000 people working in US sweatshops.  The sad part is that because Saipan is a commonwealth the makers slap the old made in USA on all their products while paying these people third-world wages.

Csolgosz’s music is riddled with themes such as this and their work is very commendable.  The world could be a better place if people would just listen.