Review: Crosstops

“Cloverleaf Fandango”
(Tinnitus Records)

It would be stupid to call this anything but a truck odyssey with the odyssey in red ink, bolded, and underlined.  They need about 50,000 copies of this disk in Bakersfield, CA home of the Buck Owens Crystal Palace.  The music most closely resembles Mike Ness on crack, playing his solo country songs except every song at least vaguely alludes to being a trucker.  He is accompanied by the rest of Social D as Elvis impersonators with banjos, Telecasters, and a whole lot of CRACK!  With such classics as “The Boob Song”, “Best Ass In The West”, “Scrape ‘Em Off My Grill”, and “Tree Hugger” you can only imagine the lyrical genius.  No, but seriously, this band is a lot of fun for a bunch of truckers.