Review: Circle II Circle

Circle II Circle
“Watching in Silence”
(AFM Records)

There are crunchy metallic elements here on Circle II Circle’s album, but mostly one would have to call this a rock album, fully loaded with melody, thus making it melodic rock.  Sometimes the guitar even boots out a really cool seventies style riff that wouldn’t be too out of place in any well-heeled stoner’s rock collection.  But I don’t recommend this stoner rockers.

I do however recommend it to fans of Zak Stevens’ era Savatage because Zak is on here doing vocal duties and even though he isn’t in the band, Jon Oliva, Savatage’s keyboardist and original long-term vocalist, has writing credit on almost every song: 8 out of 10, that’s eighty percent of the music on the album.  If you liked “Gutter Ballet” then you should like this.  It’s really that simple.  A equals B, therefore B equals A.  Get with it, baby. Remember, I did mention it’s less metal and more rock, but I’m sure you can cope.