Review: The Cinema Eye / Audion

The Cinema Eye / Audion
“Split CD”

The split is a four-song EP, opening with two songs by The Cinema Eye and closing the deal with two songs by Audion. The bands share a member, guitarist Paul Rentler. Audion’s other member, David Fowler, records both of the bands; though the recording quality and instrumentation are very similar, the split loses nothing. The Cinema Eye opens with “Resist Reside” an amazing track showcasing both the brilliance of Mollie Wells’ voice and the dynamic of synthpop and driving guitar. The band strikes similarities with bands like The Faint, The Red Light Sting, yet the strong push of guitar based punk rock helps bring out influences like Milemarker and Your Enemies’ Friends. Wells’ amazing voice proves to be a dynamic, driving force behind this band, with parts as haunting as Exene Cervenka yet as powerful as Deborah Harry. Vocal patterns seem to carry the chorus with catchy lyrics flowing side by side with upbeat, guitar-driven tempo changes.

Concluding the split is the duo Audion, unleashing similar synth-punk with a male at the microphone. The split concludes just as strongly as it started. This portion of the split seems to be more guitar-based and punk driven, gearing more toward influences like Your Enemies’ Friends or The VSS. ┬áThis release is no exception to Soundvirus’ eclectic catalog-definitely an incredible release.