Review: Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold
“Sounding the Seventh Trumpet”
(Hopeless Records)

Have you ever read Revelation?  If you have then you know what the Seventh Trumpet is.  The tenacious energy Avenged Sevenfold releases is similar to what I’d image the release of the Seventh Trumpet to be.  Try this mix on for size: Guns “N” Roses meets Bad Religion meets Fishbone….the list goes on forever.  The influences sited by the band members include the above bands and also Primus, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas and John Zorn.  This album really, really kicks ass….a number 11 on the ass kicking scale.  There is no way to describe their style since each song is unique in its own.  “To End the Rapture” is the opener and a strong one at that with heavy metal flavored vocals and guitar licks.  Track 2, “Turn the Other Way”, mashes through the haze with its biting Megadeath sounding groove followed by the hardcore finisher.  “Darkness Surrounding” is a punk-like anthem with tight vocals and heavily distorted guitars.  “Warmness of the Soul” is a departure from the heavy drones of the album with its slip into a soft piano/vocal number.  Have no fear, for the remainder of the album is more of the outstanding musicianship ending with an epic heavy metal cut incorporating  the ever popular dark acoustic guitar.  You MUST stop by and check out their bios, MP3s and such.  Once you listen to the CD you must stop over at and buy it or you will receive the wrath of God as displayed through Revelation.  Just kidding, you won’t die….yet.