Review: The Ataris

The Ataris
“Anywhere But Here”
(Kung Fu Records)

The album that started the long-winding Atari journey, released here in all it’s young, misunderstood and underappreciated artistic splendor. It’s the story of a young country boy, from the good ol’ climes of Anderson, Indiana to be exact, who loves to twiddle away on his geetar and whose dreams stretch as far as the cobs of corn do grow. With eyes wide and palms dripping torrential geysers of sweat, he heads out to the storied land where opportunity is rife and the foam-tipped breakers of the Pacific cascade into oblivion. Does rock stardom await, or will our young protagonist, like so many before him, be reduced to a sidewalk scuffling, ketchup-packet sucking miscreant, constantly twisted on cheap tweak, menthol cigarettes, and a dream that while once close is now so, so far away? Pick up “Anywhere but Here” if you care to find out.