Review: Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy
“Wages of Sin”
(Century Media)

With vocals reminiscent of Galder from Old Man’s Child (think Elmer Fudd after a severe throat raping by a horny enormously well-endowed jack rabbit with unbelievable endurance), guitar breaks that smell acutely of older Iron Maiden, a drummer that understands faster is not always better and an overall songwriting philosophy that knows no shame in borrowing from others, Arch Enemy is a well-rounded, highly enjoyable listen.

“Wages of Sin” will be released as a double CD containing eight bonus tracks, two CD-ROM videos and a 20 page booklet, so it’s clear that somebody at the label has a lot of faith in this band and believes they deserve one hell of a bells and whistles presentation of their music.  My name for a release like this is, “Napster-Fighter.”  The record labels complain about file sharing yet they still insist on charging us $15 for a new CD in a plastic case with a three page fold out insert, and the fact is, bands see almost no money from the sales of their albums.  The record labels are also upset because people have realized they can make their own CDs for less than two bucks, complete with booklet and plastic case.  People would appreciate actually getting something for their money, and I hope “Wages of Sin” sells well, causing other bands and labels to prick up their zeitgeist sensors and take heed of what the buying public wants out of a music release.