Review: Angry Amputees

Angry Amputees
(Dead Teenager)

Thrashy girl punk from the streets of San Francisco.  So very, very boring.  Stacy Dee is the lady on the mic for the Amputees and she sounds like just about every other female rocker out there.  The biggest problem facing not only the Angry Amputees but the entire girl rawwwk genre right now is that all the women are trying their best to sound like men.  Why?  Who wants to hear a chick that sounds like a dude?  I don’t want any dudes to sound like chicks either, you know?

So while Stacy is harrumphing about “kicking somebody’s dog” or “We’re fist fighting” or “Let me bust a cap out”-it just sounds annoyingly fake and incredibly insipid.  Musically, Angry Amputees aren’t bringing much to the table, either.  The San Francisco Weekly Music Awards voted them best punk band in 2002, which says more about the state of NorCal punk than it does the talent within Angry Amputees.  “Slutbomb” is a total wash.