Review: Coal Chamber

Coal Chamber
“Giving The Devil His Due”

Coal Chamber are one of the first bands to break onto the scene during the beginnings of the whole “Nu-metal” craze. While the band never truly broke out like Deftones or Korn did, this band did have quite a bit of success and released a couple good records while they were at it. “Giving The Devil His Due” is a retrospective look at the band with previously unreleased material from all three of band’s full lengths.

The title track of the same name and only new material on this album is by no means the band’s best material. The song is a bit of an oddity and I would bet serves as a teaser to lead screamer Dez Fafara’s new outfit, Devildriver. When listening to this album I revisited some of the Coal Chamber classics that were staples in my stereo in the late 90’s. Songs like ‘Bradley’, ‘Sway’ and ‘Not Living’ were the kind of songs that made this outfit truly great. If you were a fan of Coal Chamber then by all means check out this fitting tribute to a great band because personally, I’m really going to miss them.