Review: 7Angels 7Plagues

7Angels 7Plagues
“Until the Day breathes And The Shadows Flee”
(Uprising Records)

Strictly marginal scream driven hardcore/death metal. It sounds great, but it happens to sound like a lot of other great bands who came before. Melodic in most areas, with driving guitars and a mild mixture of sludge and metal drumming, the boys in Copy Angels Cat Plagues do manage to engage the listener by adding dissonance and cycling through stylistic approaches on different parts of different songs. The vocals are decent and the songs are fine. The sole dilemma is that a list of bands that compare wo

uld exceed the allotted amount of words necessary to complete this review. But, just so you know, Drowningman, Coalesce, Poison the Well, Converge, Shai Hulud, Turmoil, Zao…