Interview with Jayme Erickson

by Hunter Bliss

Jayme Erickson rocks. I feel a little bad because I had one too many beers when I did this interview, so I apologize to Jayme for some of the rude questions. But anyways, she is one of the best girl skaters out there and she has so much passion and love for skateboarding. She just keeps progressing and progressing, focusing on improving her passion.

Hunter: So I’m wasted and you’re gay. How is it living in Minnesota without any poisonous things?
Jayme: Minnesota is great (but) the winter sucks; I don’t think I can handle another year. The skateboard scene is so tainted. I’m a freak when it comes to things that are poisonous; I’m (also) really scared of bugs, so I’m glad that there is none that out here; (it) will fuck you up.

So you’re gay. Being a skater that is female, do you feel you rock more than other girls?
I’m not gay and no, not at all, I think any girl that skates is awesome. I’m just a skateboarder. It’s all the same to me.

So, how buff am I Jayme? I am like the buffest dude ever?
You’re so hot I all most pissed my pants, looking at you.

Hell yeah. You’re gay. So what are your plans as far as skateboarding goes in the near future, what are your goals?
I’m not gay. I’m planning on moving out to San Diego in September. I can’t handle the winter any more. I just want to skate as much as I can, and have a good time doing it. I want to push myself and just progress.

Cool. Are you staying at my house? Cause I got to talk to my roommate about that one. So honestly, who is better at skating mini ramps? You or me?
I’m hoping to get some friend to move out here with me. I wouldn’t want you to get sick of me crashing on your couch. I don’t know about the mini ramp you pretty good. I did teach you tail stall reverts though.

You’re gay. Um, I know you’re not gay but it’s funny ’cause if you were a lesbian you could do so much fun stuff. That’s the algological. So do you like jesy=us?
You’re a weird guy, but I love you for it. I’m not sure where the gay shit came from tho. I’m not a big jesy=us fan, but that’s just me.

Do you prefer a hairy butt, a non-hairy but, or a shaved hairy butt?
I would have to say non-hairy. Oh my god this is a fucked up (interview)

Whatever bro. So is there anything to do besides hunting in Minnesota? Wouldn’t you rather stab yourself in the neck with a rusty screwdriver than live in that urine soaked hellhole?
I don’t hunt, Minnesota is rad, and it’s not what most people think. There have been a lot of great skateboarders that hail from Minnesota. I just can’t deal with winter. It’s way too cold, and you can’t skate outside.

What up w/ San Diego? Who do you rock with out here, what’s it all about? Lets hear about your second town, San Diego WEST SIDE!?
I like San Diego; I’ve met a lot of cool people here. You’re one of them. I love the weather, it’s perfect. There are no bugs here. I like the ocean (too).

Have you met any Germans out here in San Diego?
Yeah, one named Jake.

Yeah, Jake Anzarooth is a gnarly German bro. What is your favorite place to skate?
He’s a funny man. Right now I would have to say 3rd Lair and skating downtown Minneapolis.

How many footballs are in the USA, what is the difference between football and soccer, and will you kill someone before you die?
I don’t know, football sucks, soccer is cool, and I would never hurt anyone or thing.

I’m stumbling trying to do this interview. Are you a vegan hippie? I am. Aren’t you some sort of a vegan tree hugging gay lover?
I’m vegetarian; I think you’re a vegan hugging hippie who likes gay people.

What up with Michael Bolton? I know you love that mullet. And who sponsors you?
I don’t know what’s up with him, I don’t even know who that is really. Real Skateboards, I-path shoes, and Hurley.

Well I live in Hillcrest and I eat strictly veggie. But who cares what we digest. What’s up with music? Name your six favorite bands without taking too long, just the six off the top of your head?
2.The Cure
3.Guns and Roses
4.Hot water music
7.The smiths

Fo sure, and what up with thanking people that have helped out get to where you are, and that will help you go to where you want to be? Give a Minnesota shout out to all them?
I would have to thank, my family, Jim Thebo, Mikey Rays at Delux, Chad Snyder at I path, Peter King, Lindsey at Hurley, Jesse, Zach, Janelle, Dom, Regan, Rich Cook, Thea, 3rd lait guys, Hunter Bliss and anyone else, you know who you are. Thanks.